About Us

*Coffee Market Canada is now under new ownership*
My name is Roland and my partner is Crystal and we are located in the beautiful hamlet of Hill Spring Alberta. We strive to bring you the best coffee we can, from local canadian roasters at the best price we can. All from the comfort of your own home. Simply browse through our amazing roasters, pick your favorite blend and order it online through our website, quick and easy. Quick delivery straight to your door. 
"Great coffee for great people"
The history of Coffee Market Canada 
Once upon a time (in April 2019), there were two women that used to work together for a massive corporation. It was there that they realized how great they worked together as a team, as problem solvers and with customers. They dreamt about the day they could leave this big company and work for themselves. Little did they know that the dream they wanted to become true was just around the corner in the form of a trailer.

One of the women whose name is Frieda, was born and raised in Lima, Peru and always wanted to pursue her love for coffee. Karissa who literally can’t live without coffee said yes to the opportunity to unite forces and start a Coffee Business with her partner in crime, Frieda.
Caffeine Me was born when they realized as they attended events around Calgary, there was never a coffee food truck. They started the first Coffee Trailer in Calgary and have attended weddings, festivals and many events doing what they love, serving coffee and spending time with customers.
Fast forward to this spring… Covid-19 happened. This was a huge devastation to us as we were so excited for 2020. However, our entrepreneurial spirit continued to brainstorm how we could help our coffee community and be able to serve coffee to Calgarians without seeing them.
That is why we created “Coffeemarketcanada” This Coffee Market allows anyone from all over Canada to purchase local coffee roasters coffee beans in one place. It is literally your ONE STOP COFFEE BEAN SHOP. 
Now its 2021...We all have gone through countless shut downs, restrictions, mask by-laws and who can forget the great toilet paper panic of 2020! lol We have decided to pass the torch into two entrepreneurs with a love for coffee and a strong desire to see our customers happy! Welcome Roland and Crystal to Coffee Market Canada!