Caffè Monte Coffee Roasters

Calgary, AB 

Caffe Monte Coffee Market Canada

Started in 2014 as a father and son duo committed to the growth of small batch roasting and specialty coffee. At Caffè Monte we focus on sourcing coffee with a distinctive character from farmers committed to producing outstanding crops. We respect the coffee farming community and the important role they play in the world of specialty coffee. We source from farms and co-ops where we have established a direct relationship, and only work with reputable partners who share our dedication to specialty coffee and ethical practices.

At Monte Coffee Roasters, we believe in giving back to the environment that gave us this premium bean. With creating long lasting and close relationships with farmers throughout the world, this means we can source ethically and give back to those in need. With our Fairtrade and Organic coffees, being ethical is the key to the success of Caffè Monte Coffee Roasters.