Hasty Specialty Coffee

Calgary, AB

What do we do?

We make specialty-grade instant coffee, from specialty grade coffees, roasted by incredible roasters, and purchased ethically from incredible farmers.

Specialty-grade coffee isn't anything less than a lot of coffee that achieves an 80+ score from a certified q-grader but we feel it is more than that. For us, specialty-grade coffees are purchased ethically, with a transparent buying model and then roasted to highlight the unique flavours of every individual lot. We want to work with coffees that are roasted light to avoid any roasty, carbon flavours but also fully developed to avoid grassy, vegetal off flavours.

We Make Fantastic Instant Coffee So You Can Relax.

A year ago we started working on a great solution by making Instant Specialty Coffee. We've partnered with some really great Canadian roasters and created our own special brewing method to bring you fantastic ready to go coffee offerings. All you need to do is add water and you've got a great single-origin coffee that showcases the natural flavours that coffee has to offer without tasting over-roasted, over-extracted, and stale like commodity spray-dried instant coffees.

Instant Coffee Usually Tastes Like Sadness In a Cup Doesn't It?

Usually yeah, but we do it different. It all starts with great coffees, these coffees are grown at high elevations by hardworking farmers and field labourers and then purchased ethically by talented Canadian roasters who sell to us. We take these great coffees and brew them with our proprietary process then freeze dry them in small batches to preserve their quality and freshness. This all makes a high quality instant coffee powder you can be proud to drink.