Rock Paper Coffee

Saskatoon, SK

In the Canadian prairies, we know the value of hard work and perseverance. Through this, communities are formed, and when we gather there's always a pot of coffee on. These were the thoughts that went through Johnny’s and Craig’s minds when they founded the RockPaperCoffee roasting company.

Johnny B Wurz and Craig Campbell come from blue-collar roots, one a farmer and one a construction worker both dreamers and entrepreneurs with a passion for quality. Once we made the decision to start a roastery we were determined to build the best and largest roastery in the province. We toured North America taking training at numerous coffee expos while rebuilding a 25-year-old Italian commercial grade roaster from the ground up. Throughout this time, we gained our knowledge and after many tries came up with our signature roasts. Our focus has always been to provide the freshest coffee possible to our community at an affordable price without jeopardizing quality, we feel we achieved our goal.

Coffee roots don't grow here, but [our] roots do. What if that first sip was more than just a cup of coffee? One that stopped us in our tracks, like our sunsets. One with the freshness of our clean air, and one with as much character as our people. 

Introducing RockPaperCoffee, roasted by locals at Sunnydale Farm, Perdue, Saskatchewan.