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Peaberry / A sweet and flavorful medium roast

Invito Coffee
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  • Region: Costa Rica

340g - 12oz

A peaberry is a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside its cherry. In about 5% of the world's coffee a bean is born an only child. Peaberries are considered superior to the rest of coffee beans harvested and tend to be smaller, more dense and harder than regular coffee beans. They are noticeably sweeter and more flavourful than a standard bean

The owners of Invito Coffee, are adventurous coffee lovers and innovative thinkers who live by the philosophy that everyone deserves to experience a great cup of coffee- often. Bringing you the freshest coffee beans from their FAMILY farm in Costa Rica to your doorstep in Canada. Roasted fresh to order locally in Vancouver, BC. The other amazing focus they have is they use 100% Compostable Coffee Bags and are on a mission to free the landfills and oceans from plastic waste.